Author Dana Diehl sits down at the interview table after her fantastic Spillers No. 7 short story reading to chat about teaching creative writing to the incarcerated, why distraction-free writing spaces don’t inspire, and how short form fiction helps her keep things weird.

Purchase Dana’s debut short story collection, Our Dreams Might Align, here:

Author Dana Diehl reads her original short story “To Date a Time Traveler” at Spillers № 7 on March 14, 2017.

Leah Roper sits down after her Spillers № 7 reading to chat about naming her online literary magazine after a weasel, why writers need to embrace new storytelling formats and mediums, and how difficult it can be to kill the same character again and again and again.

Leah Roper reads her short story “Count Backwards from Five” at Spillers № 7 on March 14, 2017. (Note: this episode is for mature audiences, only.)

After his Spillers № 7 reading, Spillers’ own Robert Hoekman Jr talks about the stellar literary education he’s received in the last two years, why his non-fiction book The Build has him watching the television show Portlandia with an eagle eye, and how the obsession of landing on an expertly-crafted final line fuels his novel writing.

Robert Hoekman Jr. reads his short story “The Ginger Man” at Spillers № 7 on March 14, 2017.

Writer Urian Garcia joins us after his Spillers № 7 reading to talk about unmasking the themes in his writing, the importance of discovering Oscar Wao, and why Arizona is where he wants to continue to develop his burgeoning writing career. [Note: This episode is for mature audiences, only.]

Urian Garcia reads his short story “Hard Rime” at Spillers № 7 on March 14, 2017.

Novelist Susan DeFreitas joins us after her Spillers № 7 short story reading to tell us why Southwestern writers are literary outlaws, how being misunderstood requires you to understand yourself, and why circus arts beats the Suzuki method any day. [Note: This episode is for mature audiences, only.]

Novelist and short fiction writer Susan DeFreitas reads her short story “Pyrophitic” at Spillers № 7 on March 14, 2017.