Matt Bell possesses a slew of writing insights, and he’s not shy about cracking open his notebook to share. After closing out Spillers No. 4 in fine style with his short story reading, we bind the author and ASU creative writing professor to a chair until he tells us about getting his start far away from the New York publishing support system, how hair boxes played a prominent role in pre-Tinder dating, and why it’s imperative for literary communities to connect with each other.

If you spot novelist Paul Mosier writing at Phoenix Public Market Cafe with tears in his eyes, it’s only because his muse has delivered the goods again. Our first ever returning Spiller sits down after his Spillers No. 4 reading to chat about the logistical advantages of reading from scrolls, why the only MFA degree in his future will have to be an honorary one, and how he’s not the creator of his stories so much as the person entrusted to deliver them. (Note: this episode is for mature audiences, only.)