Humorist, writer, and Spillers co-host Brian Dunn may have twice turned his back on stand-up comedy, but he still brings the funny in his writing. After reading his humorous short story at Spillers № 6, Brian fields the questions for a change, chatting with Robert on subjects ranging from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency’s acceptance algorithm to the role of art in turbulent times to whom you might attract by attending a typewriter roundup wearing your favorite Hunter S. Thompson t-shirt.

Author Kalani Pickhart is not only an up-and-coming writer, she’s also the first Spillers After Show podcast guest to give a shout out to the Nile Theater in downtown Mesa, Arizona. After flooring the Spillers № 6 crowd with her short story reading, the ASU MFA candidate joins us in the green room to talk about tackling rejection with help from Sylvia Plath, the pitfalls of naming your cat after a birth control device, and why there’s always something to write about–preferably in the dark of night. (Note: this episode is for mature audiences, only.)