Spillers № 6 Recap: Literature as Salve

December 15, 2016

Spillers № 6 came around just when we all needed it. Whether it was post-election blues or holiday depression that needed eradicating, tonight’s short fiction performed its exorcism duties admirably. There were laughs and drinks (maple bourbon sours were mixed especially for the event by the fine bartenders at Crescent Ballroom) and great readings to be had. We like to think every person in the enthusiastic crowd of literature lovers walked away feeling a little better about the state of things.

The Spillers № 6 lineup was a mix of grizzled writing veterans and relative newcomers. And two of our Spillers–Justin Bigos and Erin Stalcup–made the trip from Flagstaff. And one of the Spillers was our own co-host Brian Dunn. Here’s who read what:

All of the stories were published in the Spillers № 6 chapbook along with the bonus story “Dead Man’s Revival” by Portland, Oregon-based author Susan DeFreitas.

If you couldn’t make it to downtown Phoenix Tuesday night to lift your spirits, the award-winning Spillers After Show podcast will do it for you. Come Monday we’ll start publishing the Spillers № 6 readings and exclusive interviews with the writers behind those stories.

Big thanks are due to the following folks for their help in making Spillers the must-see event it is:

  • All the good folks at Crescent Ballroom who are a pleasure to work with and incredibly flexible in response to our multitude of requests.
  • Event photographer Andrew Rogers.
  • Podcast sound editor Steve Wiesenthal.
  • Every Spillers alum from event № 1 to № 6 for braving the stage and bringing their best short fiction.
  • Wonderful and passionate and committed fiction fans like you who have embraced Spillers (and us) from the start. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Whew! That feels good.

Spillers hit its stride in 2016, and we’re already working feverishly on creating a bigger and better Spillers for 2017. Keep your eyes and ears open for what comes next, and we’ll see you for Spillers № 7 in the spring.


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